June 17, 2024

Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources (ESDER)

FERC Accepts Latest CAISO Storage, DER Rules
FERC approved the latest set of CAISO tariff changes meant to promote participation by storage, distributed energy and DR resources in its markets.
CAISO Governors Say Hello, Goodbye
The CAISO Board of Governors bid farewell to its retired CEO, greeted a new leader and approved a plan to implement FERC Order 831.
CAISO Finalizes ESDER Phase 4 Proposal
CAISO presented its final proposal of its effort to make it easier for energy storage and distributed energy resources to participate in markets.
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CAISO Eases Rules for Energy Storage, DERs
CAISO moved to update its rules to make it easier for energy storage and distributed energy resources (ESDER) to participate efficiently in its markets.
CAISO Updates ESDER Phase 3 Proposal
CAISO is taking comment on the latest revisions to its ongoing policy initiative to better facilitate the participation of energy storage and DER in its markets.
CAISO Storage, DER Plans Progressing
Energy storage and DERs stand to play a bigger role in CAISO's markets, staff said at an all-day workshop on the ISO's ESDER initiative.
CAISO Urged to Broaden ESDER Phase 3
CAISO is facing pressure from some stakeholders to broaden the scope of its Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources (ESDER) Phase 3 initiative.
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Policy Biggest Obstacle for Storage, Panel Says
The lack of cohesive policy remains the chief obstacle to integrating energy storage, a panel of experts said at the Infocast Transmission Summit West.
CAISO Load-Shifting Product to Target Energy Storage
CAISO has launched what will be a years-long initiative to develop a program to pay storage resources to absorb excess renewable generation.
CAISO Demand Response Problems Erode Participation
Frequent rule changes and an uncertain market structure are causing dissatisfaction among CAISO demand response providers and eroding participation.

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