June 24, 2024

energy storage resources (ESRs)

Grid Status
3 GW of Storage Help ERCOT Through Scarcity
Energy storage resources bailed out the ERCOT grid May 8, providing a record amount of energy to help the Texas grid operator through the first tight conditions of the maintenance season.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: Feb. 14, 2024
ERCOT stakeholders agreed with the ISO's staff position to continue tabling a rule change that would address reliability concerns with inverter-based resources while both sides work on settlement discussions.
Admin Monitor
Texas Public Utility Commission Briefs: Nov. 30, 2023
Texas regulators have delayed approval of a protocol change that would set a controversial state of charge for batteries that one commissioner said is “totally discriminatory.”
NextEra Energy Resources
MISO Agrees to Dial Back Tx Service Requirements for Energy Storage
MISO agrees that it should relax onerous transmission service requirements for energy storage resources charging from the grid.
Connexus Energy
FERC Grants MISO Temporary Storage Waiver
FERC last week allowed MISO a hall pass on making sure offline energy storage resources can furnish certain types of energy reserves.
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Regulators Discuss Conn. Progress on ‘Equitable Modern Grid’
The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority discussed its progress on its Equitable Modern Grid initiative at a recent webinar.

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