July 13, 2024

energy storage

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MARC 2024 Displays Mixed Feelings on Transition Feasibility
The 2024 Mid-America Regulatory Conference showcased a tug-of-war of positivity and cynicism over meeting growing demand with a fleet that should evolve faster to meet clean energy goals.
Grid Status
3 GW of Storage Help ERCOT Through Scarcity
Energy storage resources bailed out the ERCOT grid May 8, providing a record amount of energy to help the Texas grid operator through the first tight conditions of the maintenance season.
BNEF Summit Focuses on Financing Energy Transition, Fast and Slow
Global investment in passenger electric vehicles was up 36% in 2023, investment in energy storage jumped 77%, and investment in carbon capture and storage nearly doubled.
Admin Monitor
Texas PUC Sends ESR Change back to ERCOT
Texas regulators have remanded back to ERCOT a controversial protocol change attempting to regulate energy storage resources, but not before stripping out language related to state of charge and enforcement processes.
Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power Seeks to Equip Some Homes with Batteries
Green Mountain Power proposes to move some power lines underground and give customers in certain areas battery systems for storm resilience.
Pa. PUC Proposes Guidelines for Distribution-level Storage
Pennsylvania regulators approved a policy statement that proposes guidelines for when utilities can use storage resources to increase reliability and resilience on the distribution system.
Activists Want ISO-NE to Push for Renewables
At Thursday's ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group meeting, community members pushed the ISO on its fossil fuel use; an ISO representative pushed back.
Enel Green Energy
FERC Accepts SPP’s Planning Study Processes for TOs
FERC has approved SPP’s tariff revisions to its transmission planning process that establish new study processes for transmission-owning members.
Sandia National Laboratories
Long-duration Energy Storage Seen as Key to Future Grid
Industry and Department of Energy experts say long-duration energy storage is key to growing renewable energy and fixing the new transmission project backlog.
NY Utilities Get More Time to Contract Energy Storage
The New York Public Service Commission again extended utilities’ deadline to procure energy storage — this time to the end of 2028.

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