May 23, 2024

Entergy System Agreement

Entergy Beats Expectations with Q2 Earnings
Entergy easily beat analysts’ expectations with its second-quarter results, thanks to better-than-expected retail sales during the early-summer heat.
FERC Tweaks Entergy Bandwidth Decision
FERC reversed one part of a decision on the long-disputed bandwidth calculation Entergy used to equalize production costs among its operating companies.
La. PSC Complaints Denied in Entergy System Disputes
FERC rejected a pair of complaints from the Louisiana PSC related to a dispute over how Entergy previously allocated production costs among its companies.
FERC Takes Second Look at Entergy Arkansas ROE
FERC is re-evaluating how its 2018 decision on transmission owners’ return on equity might affect Entergy Arkansas’ unit power sales tariff from 2013.
DC Circuit Rejects Ark. PSC Review of FERC-Entergy Order
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Arkansas PSC’s request that it review a FERC order directing Entergy Arkansas to continue sharing settlement proceeds.
FERC Seeks More Detail in Entergy Cost Equalization Dispute
FERC is reconsidering its past decision not to order refunds in the ongoing dispute over Entergy's equalization of production costs.
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FERC Affirms Rulings in Entergy Bandwidth Dispute
FERC upheld opinions from two administrative law judges pertaining to a seven-month period of Entergy bandwidth calculations from 2005.
FERC Affirms Ruling Favoring Entergy Bandwidth Calculation
FERC affirmed an initial decision approving how Entergy has equalized production costs among its operating companies.
DC Circuit Rejects Appeal of Entergy Bandwidth Decision
The D.C. Circuit refused to overturn FERC’s decision to require Entergy Arkansas to make retroactive payments to its affiliate companies.
Ark. Regulators Contest Entergy Bandwidth Payments
The Arkansas PSC made oral arguments before the D.C. Circuit Court in a bid to protect Entergy customers from bearing the costs of bandwidth payments.

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