December 11, 2023

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Controlled Thermal Resources
Climate Resilience Takes Center Stage at NARUC

California PUC President Alice Reynolds set the tone for the theme of climate resilience at the group's annual meeting with a story about the history of the Salton Sea.

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Hydrogen Americas Summit Highlights Industry Poised for Takeoff
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that while a lot of progress has been made, getting to a fully decarbonized economy is going to require new technologies.
Department of Energy Draft Needs Study
States, RTOs Caution DOE on Transmission Corridors
States, RTOs and others warned DOE not to let transmission developers dominate the development of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors.
Tucson Electric Power
Mixed Views on Impact of Ariz. Climate Alliance Membership
Arizona’s decision to join the U.S. Climate Alliance could rev the state’s clean energy economy, some observers said, but others warn that politics could get in the way.
Space Age Fuel
Wash. Cap-and-Trade Auction Prices Break Soft Cap
Washington’s second cap-and-trade auction netted more than $557 million in revenue after bidders bought all 11.035 million carbon allowances on offer last week.
EPA to Propose Major New Emission Standards for Cars and Trucks
EPA will propose new emission standards for cars and trucks that could lead to two-thirds of total light-duty vehicles sold in 2032 being electric.
Environmental Defense Fund
Groundbreaking California Clean Truck Rules Win EPA Waiver
The EPA approved a waiver for California’s Advanced Clean Trucks regulation, clearing the way for the state to launch the zero-emission program.
New York Utilities
NY Utilities’ Proposed Grid Planning Process Gets Tepid Reception
Stakeholders told the New York PSC that utilities’ proposed transmission planning framework could favor local upgrades over more efficient regional projects.
Advocates’ Report Slams Hydrogen as Heating Fuel
A group pressing Massachusetts’ transition to carbon-free fuels is trying to head off consideration of hydrogen as a wide-scale replacement for natural gas.
Lights on California
New Coalition Aims for California to be in RTO
A new coalition of trade and environmental groups says California must be in an RTO, bolstering a renewed push for CAISO to become a multistate organization.

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