December 3, 2023

environmental justice (EJ) credits

CARB: ACC II PHEV Provision Designed to Drive ZEV Adoption
With a provision for PHEVs, California’s Advanced Clean Cars II regulations won’t completely eliminate internal combustion engines in new vehicles.
Oregon DEQ
Oregon Moving Quickly to Adopt Advanced Clean Cars II Rules
Oregon regulators are racing to adopt by year-end a California rule requiring all new cars sold in the state to be zero-emission or plug-in hybrid by 2035.
New Draft of Advanced Clean Cars II Would Speed ZEV Sales
CARB has released a new draft of its proposed Advanced Clean Cars II regulation featuring a faster ramp up to 100% ZEV sales in 2035.
CARB Plan Would Allow Interstate Transfer of ZEV Credits
Car manufacturers selling in states that follow California’s ZEV regulations would be able to transfer ZEV credits among states under a new CARB proposal.

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