July 19, 2024


FERC Greenlights MISO Cost Allocation for SPP Settlement
FERC has approved the MISO uncontested settlement for cost allocation among its members for the use of the SPP grid.
MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee Briefs
Stakeholders will vote on whether it’s worth debating the cost allocation for holders of firm transmission service reservations of more than 1,000 MW.
MISO Steering Committee Advances 3 Issues
The MISO Steering Committee allocated the RTO’s settlement with SPP, a potential cost recovery defect and cost-sharing for customer-funded upgrades.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
MISO's mechanism for allocating charges under its settlement with SPP was certified by a FERC administrative law judge the same day the Market Subcommittee met.
FERC Closes out Resolved SPP-MISO Hurdle Rate Dispute
FERC attended to some housekeeping by putting to rest a rehearing request rendered moot by MISO and SPP’s settlement of their transmission dispute.
FERC OKs MISO-SPP Transmission Settlement
FERC approved MISO and SPP’s uncontested settlement agreement with a trio of orders.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
The MISO Market Subcommittee discussed daylight saving time, demand response and the Monitor's latest report.

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