July 19, 2024


Oklahoma Gas and Electric
DC Circuit Upholds FERC Ruling on SPP Z2 Saga
The D.C. Circuit backed FERC's reversal of a waiver over SPP transmission upgrade costs, even though it resulted in a “free pass” for some system users.
FERC Denies Rehearing in Z2 Remand Order
FERC denied SPP’s request for a rehearing of the commission’s 2019 order that the RTO provide refunds of credit payment obligations.
SPP MOPC Briefs: April 16-17, 2019
SPP General Counsel Paul Suskie laid out the implications of FERC’s reversal of a waiver it had previously issued to the RTO on Tariff Attachment Z2.
FERC Reverses Waiver on SPP’s Z2 Obligations
FERC reversed a waiver it had issued to SPP on Attachment Z2 of its Tariff and directed it to provide refunds of credit payment obligations, with interest.
Kansas Electric Power Cooperative
FERC Rejects SPP Change on Network Resource Upgrades
FERC issued rulings in three SPP transmission cases, mostly siding with the RTO but rejecting its proposed changes to classifying service upgrade costs.
SPP MOPC Recommends 5-Year Timetable for Resolving $849M Z2 Bill
More than five hours of presentations and stakeholder discussions over two days did little to resolve SPP’s albatross of Z2 credits.

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