April 15, 2024


FERC OKs Change to MISO, PJM Pseudo-Tie Rules
FERC approved changes to MISO and PJM’s Joint Operating Agreement to improve their coordination of pseudo-tied generators.
MISO, PJM Respond to FERC’s Pseudo-Tie Questions
MISO and PJM have responded to a FERC deficiency letter with a defense and clarification of their proposal to impose stricter rules on pseudo-ties.
2nd Deficiency Notice Issued for MISO-PJM Pseudo-Tie Effort
MISO and PJM will submit new filings with FERC in response to a second deficiency letter regarding their pseudo-tie coordination efforts.
Critics Protest PJM Dynamic Transfers Plan
PJM’s proposal to create standardized contracts for establishing dynamic transfers with other balancing authority areas has provoked opposition.

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