April 21, 2024


MOPR, COVID Drive 2020 Policies in PJM
COVID-19 was the defining problem of 2020 as PJM worked to overcome difficulties in coordinating deliberations on a host of issues, including the MOPR.
Commenters Weigh in on PJM MOPR Compliance Filing
More than two dozen companies and coalitions filed responses to PJM’s compliance filing to FERC's order expanding its MOPR.
PJM CEO Introduces Himself
PJM CEO Manu Asthana spoke about his personal background, career and leadership philosophy during a Raab Associates webinar.
FERC: RGGI, Voluntary RECs Exempt from MOPR
FERC clarified voluntary renewable energy credits and participation in RGGI will not subject capacity resources to PJM’s expanded minimum offer price rule.
PJM Makes MOPR Compliance Filing
PJM filed Tariff changes to comply with FERC’s controversial order requiring expansion of the MOPR to new state-subsidized resources.
Stakeholders, States in Dark over PJM Personnel Moves
Regulators and other PJM stakeholders expressed dismay over the news that Denise Foster, head of the State and Member Services Division, was resigning.
Glick Recusal May Mean No MOPR Ruling Before December
FERC may be unable to issue a ruling on PJM's capacity market rules before December, further complicating matters for the RTO and market participants.
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Capacity Market Sellers Anxious over Uncertain PJM Auction Rules
Capacity market sellers expressed anxiety over PJM’s “parallel path” for its upcoming Base Residual Auction, urging staff to consider delaying the auction until FERC clarifies the minimum offer price rule.
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PJM Ponders New Capacity Rules — Again — in 2019
In many ways, PJM's 2018 was much like years before, with capacity and energy market rules under constant redesign. Some stakeholders have grown weary of the churn.
PJM Stakeholders Hold Their Lines in Capacity Battle
PJM stakeholders dug in further on the RTO’s proposed revamp to its capacity market, reiterating comments made in FERC’s paper hearing on the proposal.

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