May 23, 2024


ISO-NE to FERC on Fuel Security: What Now?
ISO-NE asked FERC if it could seek its direction to improve its fuel security after the commission rejected the RTO’s ESI market design.
Debate Continues as New England Awaits ESI Ruling
Generation and load interests are no closer to agreement over ISO-NE's Energy Security Improvements proposal, a NECA webcast discussion showed.
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Aug. 20, 2019
The NEPOOL Reliability Committee indicated its displeasure with the re-evaluation of the fuel-security reliability review for Mystic Units 8 and 9.
ISO-NE Steady on Fuel Plan Despite NEPOOL Rebuff
The New England Power Pool Markets Committee rejected ISO-NE’s interim proposal for compensating generators for fuel security. But the RTO plans to file the plan with FERC with or without stakeholder endorsement.
FERC Approves Mystic Cost-of-Service Agreement
FERC voted 2-1 to approve ISO-NE’s cost-of-service agreement with Exelon for its Mystic plant, including payments to the company’s Distrigas LNG facility.
Metropolitan Engineering
Intervenors Slam New England EDCs’ Gas Play at FERC
Critics responded to Eversource and National Grid's request that FERC clarify its order denying an ISO-NE waiver request to keep Exelon’s Mystic running.
NEPOOL Debates Fuel Security, Cost Allocation
The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) Markets Committee debated ISO-NE’s proposals for conducting fuel security reliability reviews.
Everett Chamber of Commerce
FERC Advances Mystic Cost-of-Service Agreement
FERC tentatively accepted a cost-of-service agreement between Exelon and ISO-NE for Mystic 8 and 9, ordering an expedited hearing process.
FERC Denies ISO-NE Mystic Waiver, Orders Tariff Changes
FERC denied ISO-NE’s request for a Tariff waiver to keep Exelon’s Mystic plant running, instead ordering the RTO to allow cost-of-service agreements.
FirstEnergy Calls out FERC ‘Failure’ to Act on Resilience
FirstEnergy Solutions says ISO-NE’s request to prop up Exelon’s Mystic plant shows why FERC should take emergency action to bail out coal and nuclear.

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