July 13, 2024


FERC Rules Against Additional Mystic Agreement Disclosures
FERC reversed its previous determination that “all interested parties can review and challenge Mystic’s revenue credits and tank congestion charges” in the annual true-up process.
Public Power Groups Seek Information on Mystic Agreement
New England utilities have sought information on the agreement between ISO-NE and the Mystic power plant in Massachusetts.
Fletcher6, CC BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia
FERC Sets ROE for Exelon’s Mystic Plant at 9.33%
FERC set a base return on equity of 9.33% on the Mystic Generating Station’s reliability-must-run contract, using methodology it introduced last year.
FERC Dismisses Generators’ Complaint Against Mystic
FERC dismissed a complaint by New England generators against Exelon's Mystic cost-of-service agreement.
FERC Further Alters Mystic Cost-of-service Agreement
FERC made additional alterations to its orders approving ISO-NE’s cost-of-service contract with Exelon’s Mystic Generating Station.
FERC Tweaks Orders on Mystic Contract
FERC clarified some aspects of its orders approving ISO-NE’s cost-of-service contract with Exelon’s Mystic Generating Station.
FERC Approves Mystic Cost-of-Service Agreement
FERC voted 2-1 to approve ISO-NE’s cost-of-service agreement with Exelon for its Mystic plant, including payments to the company’s Distrigas LNG facility.
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Overheard at NECA 2018 Fuels Conference
Fuel security and the role of traditional and non-traditional fuels in New England highlighted discussions at the 2018 NECA Fuels Conference.
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Overheard at ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group Meeting
Climate change and the role of heating and cooling improvements for energy efficiency were the hot topics at a meeting of the ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group.
NEPOOL Debates Fuel Security, Cost Allocation
The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) Markets Committee debated ISO-NE’s proposals for conducting fuel security reliability reviews.

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