June 17, 2024


GreenHat Claims Fund Opens After FERC OKs Settlement
PJM sent members directions on how to file claims against the $5 million fund established in the GreenHat settlement after FERC accepted the agreement.
Shell Appeals FERC’s GreenHat Rulings
Shell Energy asked the D.C. Circuit to review two FERC rulings in the GreenHat default case it denied the company a role in settlement negotiations.
No Fireworks at Conference on PJM FTR Deal
PJM’s conference to discuss its $12.5 million settlement with two FTR firms produced neither protest nor complaint from any of the many stakeholders.
PJM to Pay $12.5M to Settle GreenHat Dispute
PJM will pay two trading firms $12.5 million to end a dispute over the 890 million MWh GreenHat Energy default under a settlement agreement filed with FERC.
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GreenHat Energy Settlement Outlined to MIC
PJM told their MIC that they anticipate submitting to FERC a settlement with its members on Oct. 9 over GreenHat Energy’s massive default.
UPDATED: Foster out, Tribulski up in Latest PJM Shakeup
Interim PJM CEO Susan J. Riley announced a shakeup of the RTO’s State and Member Services Division, the latest change in the wake of the GreenHat default.
FERC Denies Shell, ODEC GreenHat Settlement Role
Shell Energy and Old Dominion Electric Cooperative failed to make their case that they belong at the GreenHat Energy settlement table, FERC ruled.
Shell Demands Seat at GreenHat Settlement Table
Shell wants a seat at the GreenHat settlement table, saying it could bear a disproportionate financial burden based on its outcome.
PJM MIC Briefs: June 12, 2019
PJM stakeholders were reminded that the clock will soon start ticking on the 90-day settlement period for working out how to unwind the GreenHat default.
FERC: PJM Settle Disputes Before GreenHat Hearing
FERC gave PJM stakeholders just 90 days to settle all disputes about how to best liquidate FTRs left over from the GreenHat default.

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