June 24, 2024


ISO-NE Tweaks Inputs for FCA 14 Fuel Security Analysis
ISO-NE advised FERC that it is revising its fuel security analysis for FCA 14 to assume more natural gas use and bigger contributions from renewables.
FERC Sets Conference on New England Fuel Security
FERC has agreed to New England’s request for a public “prefiling” meeting to discuss the region’s plans for long-term fuel security.
ISO-NE Installed Capacity Requirement Filing Approved
FERC approved ISO-NE’s proposed values for the Installed Capacity Requirement, capability credits and related values in time for the capacity auction.
ISO-NE Pulls off Fuel Security, CASPR Measures
Despite a few bumps, scrapes and scares throughout the year, ISO-NE delivered on time by dispatching key market initiatives.
FERC Approves Mystic Cost-of-Service Agreement
FERC voted 2-1 to approve ISO-NE’s cost-of-service agreement with Exelon for its Mystic plant, including payments to the company’s Distrigas LNG facility.
ISO-NE Fuel Security Measures Approved
ISO-NE’s interim proposal to use an out-of-market mechanism to address concerns about fuel security was approved by FERC.

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