June 19, 2024


NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: June 4, 2020
ISO-NE’s energy transactions rang in at $159 million in April, the lowest monthly total since 2003, the NEPOOL Participants Committee heard.
NEPOOL Transmission Committee Briefs: May 27, 2020
The NEPOOL Transmission Committee voted to recommend the Participants Committee support ISO-NE’s filing to address rejected portions its FERC Order 845 compliance filing.
NEPOOL Transmission Committee Briefs: April 28, 2020
NEPOOL participants seem to be in “overall agreement” with ISO-NE’s approach to finalizing compliance with FERC Order 845.
FERC OKs NETOs, Emera Maine Order 845 Filings
FERC accepted changes to the New England Transmission Owners’ interconnection study rules but ordered changes to the interconnection agreement.

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