June 25, 2024


Midwest Capacity Shortage Leads to Must-offer Talk
MISO’s capacity auction shortfall has nearly doubled its probability of load shedding in its Midwest region, prompting discussion of must-offer requirements.
FERC Rejects MISO Request for 2nd Order 841 Delay
MISO claims that Order 841 compliance would postpone the launch of a new market platform. FERC didn't buy that argument.
MISO: Market System Replacement or 841 Compliance
MISO’s leadership has offered additional justification on its request to delay until 2025 incorporating energy storage resources into its markets.
Clean Energy Groups Protest MISO Storage Model Delays
Clean energy advocates are contesting MISO’s request for another extension to comply with FERC Order 841.
MISO Stuns Stakeholders with 2nd Order 841 Delay
MISO stakeholders were shocked to learn that the RTO needs another few years to allow energy storage to participate in its markets.
FERC Orders Final Revision for MISO Storage Compliance
FERC asked MISO to remove or defend its requirement that distribution utilities and load-serving entities report real-time grid injections and withdrawals to be compliant with Order 841.
Storage Plans Clear FERC with Conditions
FERC found that CAISO, ISO-NE and MISO had largely complied with Order 841, but it ordered changes to some of the grid operators’ proposed tariff revisions.
MISO Requests Storage Compliance Delay into 2021
MISO plans to have a market participation model for energy storage resources in place by 2021, having filed a request for delay of FERC’s deadline.
More Time Needed for Storage Compliance, MISO Says
MISO will ask for another year to comply with FERC Order 841, saying the intricacy and expense of incorporating storage is greater than anticipated.
FERC Asks RTOs for more Details on Storage Rules
FERC issued deficiency letters to all six jurisdictional RTOs and ISOs over their proposed energy storage rules, pressing for definitions, tariff citations and other details.

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