June 20, 2024


RTOs Move Closer to Full Order 841 Implementation
PJM, CAISO and SPP took a step closer to the full implementation of Order 841 with FERC’s partial acceptance of their Tariff revisions.
PJM MIC Briefs: Feb. 5, 2020
PJM dropped its plan to clarify pseudo-tie eligibility after stakeholders argued some of the revisions conflicted with pending litigation.
FERC Partially OKs PJM, SPP Order 841 Filings
FERC issued orders implementing rulemaking to eliminate barriers to energy storage’s participation in electric markets, accepting PJM's and SPP's proposals.
PJM Suspends Auction Deadlines Pending FERC Action
PJM told stakeholders all deadlines for upcoming capacity auctions will be suspended pending FERC action on the RTO’s proposed revisions to its capacity market.
Study Challenges PJM Energy Storage Rule
A study concluded PJM’s proposed 10-hour rule for energy storage resources participating in the capacity market is “unnecessary and unduly restrictive.”
FERC Asks RTOs for more Details on Storage Rules
FERC issued deficiency letters to all six jurisdictional RTOs and ISOs over their proposed energy storage rules, pressing for definitions, tariff citations and other details.
PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: Jan. 9, 2019
The PJM Market Implementation Committee discussed the must-offer exception process and FERC’s energy storage order at last week's meeting.
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RTOs/ISOs File FERC Order 841 Compliance Plans
RTOs and ISOs filed tariff revisions to provide energy storage resources more opportunities to participate in markets in compliance with FERC Order 841.

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