June 25, 2024


PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Dec. 1, 2020
PJM officials postponed a Planning Committee vote on the RTO’s proposals for mitigating NERC critical infrastructure designations.
PJM Consumer Advocates Seek New Venue for CIP Talks
PJM’s consumer advocates proposed changing the venue for discussions on NERC’s reliability standard on critical transmission facilities.
FERC OKs PJM TOs’ Critical Tx Process
FERC approved the PJM Transmission Owners’ critical infrastructure mitigation plan despite complaints that say it lacks transparency and restricts input.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Feb. 20, 2020
PJM's meetings had discussions on opportunity costs, collateral requirements, resource adequacy and TOs' controversial plans for reducing critical assets.
PJM Supports TO Critical Tx Plan
Consumer advocates, industrial customers and state regulators asked FERC to reject PJM transmission owners’ critical infrastructure mitigation plan.

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