July 21, 2024


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PJM Files Interconnection Proposal with FERC
PJM filed its long-awaited plan for untangling its interconnection queues, proposing to switch to a “first-ready, first-served” procedure.
PJM TOs Respond to FERC Questions on Rate-base Network Upgrades
PJM transmission owners provided no evidence that they are having difficulty raising capital but insisted the law was on their side in their bid to rate-base network upgrades.
FERC Seeks Evidence in PJM TOs’ Bid to Rate-base Network Upgrades
FERC directed PJM’s transmission owners to provide evidence that they are being squeezed financially by their inability to earn a return on network upgrades.
Counterflow: New Ball and Chain for Renewable Energy
Columnist Steve Huntoon says a proposal by PJM TOs to rate base network upgrades and charge generators formula rates would harm new wind and solar.

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