July 13, 2024


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NYISO Management Committee Briefs: June 13, 2023
NYISO stakeholders will vote July 26 on whether a new study should be conducted to evaluate the cost allocation between transmission withdrawals and injections.
Lucas Braun, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: May 24, 2023
NYISO’s Business Issues Committee recommended that the Management Committee votes to recommend approval of the draft Long Island PPTN report.
FERC Orders More Compliance Filings from NYISO for Order 2222
FERC partially accepted NYISO’s second compliance filing for Order 2222, directing the ISO to submit another within 30 days to correct inconsistencies.
FERC Gives NYISO Until 2026 to Complete Order 2222 Compliance
FERC approved NYISO’s request for up to 3 more years to implement tariff revisions that will allow DERs in aggregations to provide all their ancillary services.
FERC Clarifies CAISO, NYISO Order 2222 Rulings
FERC clarified its June orders on CAISO and NYISO Order 2222 compliance filings while rejecting rehearing requests by consumer and environmental groups.
NYISO Requests Extension, Clarification on Order 2222 Compliance
NYISO filed a request with FERC for a 90-day extension of the Aug. 16 compliance deadline for Order 2222 and a separate request regarding operating reserves.
FERC Partially Accepts NYISO Order 2222 Compliance
FERC accepted NYISO's Order 2222 compliance filing but directed the ISO to file revisions related to small utility opt-in requirements and other provisions.
Con Edison
NYISO Shares Order 2222 Response with Stakeholders
With a filing due Nov. 19, NYISO presented stakeholders its draft responses to FERC’s data request regarding its Order 2222 compliance.
RTOs Take Various Paths to Order 2222 Compliance
Advanced Energy Economy on Tuesday hosted a panel of industry experts and regulators who evaluated the progress of RTOs/ISOs toward Order 2222 compliance.
FERC Asks Details from CAISO, NYISO on Order 2222 Compliance
FERC gave CAISO and NYISO 30 days to explain some details of the treatment of DER aggregations described in their Order 2222 compliance filings.

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