June 19, 2024


FERC Approves NYISO’s 10-kW Minimum for DERs in Aggregations
FERC approved NYISO’s proposed tariff revisions that set rules for distributed energy resources seeking to participate in its markets, including a 10-kW minimum for individual resources to be included in an aggregation.
NYISO Defends 10-kW Minimum for DER Aggregation Participation
NYISO defended its proposal to set a 10-kW minimum requirement for distributed energy resources to participate in an aggregation. 
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Clean Energy Groups Protest NYISO DER Proposal
Advocates filed a protest with FERC arguing that NYISO’s proposal to facilitate market participation of DER aggregations discriminates against smaller aggregations
NYISO: Software Upgrades for DER Participation to be Ready Next Month
NYISO responded to FERC's questions concerning its filing related to establishing DER aggregation in the ISO's markets.
FERC Seeks More Info on NYISO DER Aggregation Proposal
FERC asked NYISO to provide additional detail on its proposed tariff revisions for integrating DER aggregations into its markets, including a rationale for its 10-kW minimum.
NYISO Defends DER Aggregation Proposal, 10-kW Minimum
NYISO defended its call for a 10-kW minimum for DERs participating in aggregations, which regulators and clean energy groups protested in FERC filings.  

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