June 14, 2024

facility ratings

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Avangrid to Pay $615K for NERC Violation Penalties
Avangrid's $615,000 penalty stems from violations of NERC's facility ratings standards.
Cooperative Energy
FERC Approves SERC Settlement with Mississippi Co-op
FERC approved an agreement between SERC and Mississippi's Cooperative Energy stating the latter would pay no monetary penalty for violating NERC's reliability standards.
Ken Lund,
FERC Approves $1.8M Penalty Against Exelon Utilities
Six Exelon utilities have agreed to pay ReliabilityFirst $1.8 million for violating NERC's reliability standards.
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NERC Standards Committee Sends Back Cybersecurity Proposals
NERC’s Standards Committee declined to advance a project to modify cybersecurity reporting requirements, seeking a fuller response to criticism of the proposal.
ERO Identifies More Facility Misratings Themes
The ERO Enterprise continued its campaign against facility rating violations with the publication of a new report.
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NAGF Attendees Discuss Facility Ratings Challenges
Facility ratings, and the challenge of keeping them up to date, were a recurring theme at the the North American Generator Forum’s Annual Compliance Conference.
FERC Approves $105K Penalty for Texas Wind Facility Misratings
Texas RE knocked a registered entity for violating NERC’s facility ratings standards, assessing a $105,000 penalty in a settlement with Buffalo Gap Wind Farm.
Philipp Michel Reichold, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Approves $249K Penalties in SERC, RF, Texas RE
FERC approved settlements in SERC, Texas RE and ReliabilityFirst for violations of NERC's facility ratings standards stretching back to 2007.
Texas RE
Texas RE Provides Facility Ratings Guidance
Texas RE provided some common pitfalls related to facility ratings found in compliance audits and advice for utilities to avoid them.
Alan Stark, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
NERC Hits SPP, SRP for $406K in Penalties
FERC approved a slate of penalties against an electric utility, an RTO and a government agency for violations of NERC reliability standards.

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