May 24, 2024

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Matthew T. Rader, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Accepts NERC’s New Cybersecurity Standard
FERC approved a new reliability standard aimed at improving the security of communications between control centers.
FERC Forecasts High Temperatures, Flat Prices for Summer
This summer should bring high temperatures and electricity demand but flat power prices as cheaper fuel offsets heavy load, according to a FERC assessment.
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Glick, Christie Clash over States’ Role in FERC Order 1920
Former FERC Chair Richard Glick faced off against his old colleague, Commissioner Mark Christie, over FERC Order 1920 in the general session of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners’ annual summit. 
FERC OKs Allete Securities Sale Prior to Acquisition
FERC has granted Allete permission to sell several hundred million dollars in securities to raise money for its clean energy transition.
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NERC Says IBR Work Proceeding as Planned
NERC staff said the ERO is preparing for the next phase of its work plan for registering inverter-based resources.
FERC Denies PacifiCorp Formula Rate Change
FERC rejected PacifiCorp’s request to include in its Open Access Transmission Tariff the interest it pays when refunding advance payments such as interconnection study deposits.
FERC Watchers Digest Order 1920 and Forecast its Future
The ultimate future of FERC Order 1920 depends on rehearing, implementation and inevitable litigation, but after reading through the order itself in the past week, many stakeholders see it as an important step forward in expanding the grid.
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FERC Approves Additional Delay of ISO-NE FCA 19
FERC has approved an additional two-year delay of ISO-NE’s forward capacity auction 19, pushing the auction to February 2028.
NERC Standards Committee Moves Forward on IBR Projects
Inverter-based resources took the focus at the monthly meeting of NERC's Standards Committee.
Nevada Power Exempted from Market Power Filing Requirement
FERC granted Nevada Power an exemption simplifying the NV Energy subsidiary’s filing of its triennial updated market power analysis.

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