September 25, 2023

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

CrossingLights, CC-BY 4.0, via Wikimedia
FERC Directs J.P. Morgan to Declare Affiliations of Two Holding Firms
FERC issued an order that J.P. Morgan Investment Management qualified as an affiliate of Mankato Companies and IIF US Holding 2, through which it is tied to other firms including El Paso Electric.
State of Massachusetts
ISO-NE Must Include Pumped Hydro in Inventoried Energy Program, FERC Rules

FERC sided with Brookfield Renewable in the company’s complaint against the RTO. The IEP is intended to compensate resources for storing extra fuel.

Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Approves PJM Cost Recovery for NERC Penalty
FERC agreed that PJM could recover a $140,000 penalty for violating NERC reliability standards from ratepayers.
Déjà Vu as FERC, NERC Issue Recommendations over Holiday Outages
FERC and NERC called for completing winterization standards and strengthening natural gas infrastructure in response to widespread outages last Christmas.  
NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee Approves DER Research
The RTSC approved a whitepaper looking into the effects of distributed energy resources and their aggregations on the bulk power system.
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Hickenlooper and Peters Introduce BIG WIRES Act
The BIG WIRES Act would require FERC to set minimum transfer capabilities between regions to better connect the grid in order to promote reliability and ship cheap power around the country.
Moody’s: Permitting Process Holding Transmission Back, Risking Reliability
A report from Moody's Investors Service asserted that, despite a need for transmission investment, regulatory bottlenecking is causing significant delay for utilities.
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More Federal Outreach Needed to Support Clean Energy Development on Tribal Land
The challenge of unlocking the renewable energy development of tribal lands goes beyond financing, and requires respect, patience and innovation.
NERC Seeks Comment on IBR Registration Proposals
NERC is seeking comment on proposed changes to its Rules of Procedure intended to promote the registration of inverter-based resources.
House Energy and Commerce Committee
Efficiency and Reliability are Debated at House Energy Hearing
A House hearing looking into Republican bills aimed at curbing DOE's efficiency regulations  displayed the partisan split on reliability and energy efficiency.

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