April 21, 2024

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Lion Electric
Infrastructure Law’s 2022 Funds to Double US Clean Bus Fleet
DOT announced $1.66 billion in infrastructure bill grants to nearly double the number of non-emission buses on the nation’s roads with just one year of funding.
New Flyer of America
Massachusetts Transit Bill Seeks Fast Track for Electrification
A bill on public transit electrification in Massachusetts would set a goal of transitioning all bus and rail service by 2035.
Martha's Vineyard Transit Author
‘Buy America’ Hampers Martha’s Vineyard E-bus Plan, Official Says
Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority Administrator Angela Gompert says battery vendors must catch up to the reality of the FTA’s ‘Buy America’ requirements.
Musashi1600, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons
Hawaii Program Would Earmark $2 Billion for Rail, Alternative Transport
Oahu’s Transportation Improvement Program for 2022-2025 would allocate more than $2 billion for 73 projects, including rail and environmental measures.

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