December 3, 2023

FERC Order 679

FERC OKs NextEra Request to Recover Abandoned Tx Costs
FERC has granted NextEra Energy Transmission Southwest’s request to recover 100% of “prudently incurred costs” on a transmission project in New Mexico if the project isn't finished for reasons beyond its control.
DC Circuit Upholds FERC on ITC Adders
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a FERC ruling that found a 2016 merger had left three ITC Holdings subsidiaries no longer fully independent.
Stakeholders Spar in FERC Tx Incentives Docket
Stakeholders reiterated the positions in their initial comments in FERC's inquiry into its transmission incentive policies as they rebutted each other.
Former Commissioners Debate Tx Incentive Revamp
Regulators should preserve the multiple incentives currently offered to transmission developers, former FERC commissioners said.
PG&E Deserves $30M ISO Adder, FERC Says
FERC reaffirmed that Pacific Gas & Electric participates voluntarily in CAISO and qualifies for hefty financial incentives to remain in the ISO.
Tx Incentives NOI Brings Calls for Broader Reforms
FERC’s request for comments on transmission incentives produced splits between transmission owners and load interests, as well as calls for new policies.
FERC Opens Inquiries into Tx Incentives, ROE Policies
FERC will seek comments on how it could improve its transmission incentives and return on equity policies under two Notices of Inquiry.
NextEra Gains Incentive for Hartburg-Sabine Project
FERC authorized NextEra Energy Transmission Midwest to recover all “prudently incurred” costs related to the Hartburg-Sabine Junction 500-kV project.
FERC Reduces ITC Adders over Independence Issues
FERC reduced the return on equity adders previously granted to ITC Holdings subsidiaries for being independent, standalone transmission providers.
Can PG&E Quit CAISO? FERC Wants to Know
FERC instructed Pacific Gas and Electric and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to brief it on whether Cal. law allows PG&E to quit CAISO.

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