June 23, 2024

FERC Order 809

SPP Briefs
Southwest Power Pool and MISO continue to study seven potential joint transmission projects across their seam. Next: developing the 2017 joint study.
SPP Briefs
The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) says it has successfully implemented system changes required by FERC Order 809, improving gas-electric coordination.
SPP Briefs
Southwest Power Pool (SPP) stakeholders have recommended the RTO’s leadership reject $114 million in remaining waiver requests for Z2 transmission upgrades.
SPP Readies for Winter with Improved Wind Forecasts, Gas Coordination
SPP says improved wind forecasting and coordination with gas pipelines have the RTO well prepared for the coming winter.
FERC Orders MISO to Shift Electric Schedule
FERC said MISO's current schedule doesn’t allow gas-fired generators enough time to procure fuel.
SPP OK for Cold Despite More Winter-Peaking Load
SPP is confident of its preparation for winter, although it will be adding the winter-peaking Integrated System to its footprint in October.
SPP BoD/Members Committee Briefs
A summary of measures and issues discussed at the SPP Board of Directors/Members Committee meeting on July 28, 2015.
PJM to Propose Earlier Day-Ahead Schedule
PJM confirmed last week that it will seek to move the deadline for submitting day-ahead offers up 90 minutes, from noon to 10:30 a.m. ET.
SPP Moving to 9:30 Day-Ahead Close
SPP's Markets and Operations Policy Committee will vote this week on a recommendation to move the deadline for day-ahead market offers up 90 minutes to 9:30 a.m. CT.
FERC Approves Final Rule on Gas-Electric Coordination
FERC on Thursday approved a rule to improve coordination of the natural gas and electric markets, adopting two gas scheduling changes but declining to move the start of the gas day to 4 a.m. CT from 9 a.m.

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