December 11, 2023

FERC Order 888

DC Circuit Sends SEEM Back to FERC
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals remanded FERC’s approval of the Southeast Energy Exchange Market back to the commission for additional proceedings.
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FERC Seeks Comments on Reactive Power Compensation
FERC approved an inquiry into how reactive power capability should be compensated in the face of changing conditions on the nation’s electricity grid.
SEEM Opponents File Rehearing Requests
Opponents of the recently instituted Southeast Energy Exchange Market are seeking to overturn its approval, granted last month by a deadlocked FERC.
FERC’s Christie Accuses Glick, Clements of Prejudice for RTOs
FERC Commissioner Mark Christie blasted Chair Richard Glick and Commissioner Allison Clements for opposing the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM).
ISO/RTO Council
Ex-FERC Officials Urge Commission to Expand Organized Markets
Nine former FERC members urged the commission Wednesday to push for organized power markets in all regions of the country, including the West and Southeast.
Wheeling Debate Tests West, CAISO CEO Says
CAISO stakeholders are still wary of the new proposed wheel-through provisions the ISO has submitted to FERC for clarity on the complex issue.
New FERC Rules Sought on Transmission Planning
A group of former FERC chairs said the commission should issue new transmission planning rules to help decarbonize and provide resilience & energy security.
FERC Rejects Rehearing on GridLiance 7-Factor Test
FERC denied GridLiance’s rehearing request of an order stating its transmission facilities must still pass Order 888’s 7-factor test.
GridLiance, Xcel Battle over Tx Qualifications
SPP may have been incorrectly charging transmission customers for their use of certain facilities, GridLiance High Plains says.
Stakeholder Soapbox: Is MISO Really an ‘Independent’ System Operator?
Mark Volpe, CEO of the Coalition of Midwest Power Producers, argues MISO's deference to incumbent transmission operators is driving merchant generation out.

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