November 28, 2023

fleet electrification

State of California
CARB Preparing Full Course of ZEV Rules for 2022
CARB could adopt by year-end several regulations intended to speed the transition to zero-emission vehicles, including the Advanced Clean Cars II rules.
Fleet Electrification Will Require Smart Grid Technologies
The electrification of trucking fleets will require utilities to adopt smart grid technologies and design new rates, panelists said during a SEPA panel.
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Overheard at NARUC Summer Policy Summit 2021
More than 600 people attended the NARUC Summer Policy Summit in person and hundreds more watched via livestream.
Mass. City Begins Transition to Electric School Bus Fleet
The Beverly School District is selling power from its electric bus battery charging system back to the grid during peak demand.
DOE Offers $100M for Electrification of Heavy Trucks
The DOE said transportation accounts for the largest share of the nation's GHG emissions and must be significantly reduced to reach net zero by 2050.
EV Market Gaining Momentum in North Carolina
Electric vehicle sales in North Carolina grew by 5% in 2020 while nationwide sales dropped 3% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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