April 16, 2024

fossil fuels

United Nations
COP28 Leaders Divided on Role of Fossil Fuels in Energy Transition
Earth is living through its hottest year on record, and global efforts to curb human-generated greenhouse gas emissions driving those high temperatures are not keeping up with commitments to cut emissions.
Report: G20 Fossil Fuel Subsidies Hit Record $1.4T in 2022
Global investments in renewables are more concentrated not only in developed countries but also in developed technologies. Solar PV and onshore and offshore wind are accounting for almost 97% of investments.
NY Officials Set 2022 Schedule for Climate Plan
New York officials on Thursday outlined a schedule to complete a final scoping plan by year-end to reduce economywide greenhouse gas emissions.
Hawthorn Builders
Massachusetts Legislators Call for Fossil Fuel Ban in Net-zero Building Code
Massachusetts legislators say that allowing fossil fuel heating in new buildings under a proposed net-zero building code does not make sense.
Bourne's Energy
Vt. Lawmakers Working on Clean Heat Standard Bill
Vermont lawmakers are working on a bill that would implement a Clean Heat Standard in the state starting in 2024.
Overheard at USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum
The U.S. has a diverse range of energy resources, and all are critical to the nation’s clean energy future, said industry reps speaking at a USEA conference.
Coalition Sues New Jersey DEP to Tighten GHG Emissions Goals
Group says DEP actions do not match Murphy's pledge; agency says 50% emissions cut by 2030 will be multi-agency effort.
IEA Calls on World Leaders to Close Net-zero ‘Ambition Gap’
IEA released its annual World Energy Outlook a month earlier than usual as a guide for policymakers ahead of the U.N.'s Glasgow conference in November.
Vistra Energy
California Can Get By Without More Gas, Energy Commission Says
The California Energy Commission updated its midterm reliability analysis for 2022-2026, concluding California has enough capacity without adding fossil fuels.
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Climate Activists Condemn $170M in Public Bonds for Gas Plant
Climate activists mobilized in front of the Massachusetts State House to protest fossil-fuel infrastructure development in environmental justice communities.

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