July 23, 2024

frequency response

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NERC Standards Committee Approves EMT SAR
At its first in-person meeting in more than two years, NERC's Standards Committee approved two action items related to EMT modeling and frequency response.
ERCOT Issues Low-level Alert as Heat Builds
ERCOT has issued its third operating condition notice since April, warning of extreme, hot temperatures in several of its weather zones this weekend.
ERO Panel Ponders Mystery of Overgeneration in Eastern Interconnection
It’s a mystery that has stumped the ERO’s brightest minds: Why is the Eastern Interconnection regularly seeing 200 MW of excess generation?
Sleepless in the West: RCs Discuss Biggest Concerns
WECC gathered leaders from the Western Interconnection’s four reliability coordinators to ask what keeps them up at night.
FERC Approves WECC Contingency Reserve Standard
FERC gave WECC the go-ahead to introduce a new version of its reliability standard regarding contingency reserves.
FERC Report Touts High-voltage Benefits
Development of new high-voltage transmission lines could provide benefits for the U.S. electricity system, FERC said in a recent report.
Standards Team Ponders Opposition to FR Requirement
NERC stakeholders debated whether they should be concerned over potential opposition to a requirement that generators provide frequency response service.
MISO: Grid Can be Stable at 40% Renewables
MISO’s grid can withstand major reliability risks even when renewables reach 40% of the generation mix, the RTO's staff said.
NERC Seeks Resilience Metrics, Focus on Resource Shifts
NERC called for developing metrics on resilience and urged continued efforts to respond to increased cyber threats and growth in asynchronous generation.
Study: Frequency Response OK in Eastern Interconnection
By Rich Heidorn Jr. ATLANTA — Despite the ongoing shift to renewables, the Eastern Interconnection has sufficient inertia to maintain system frequency for a...

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