June 24, 2024

frequently constrained area

SPP Markets & Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Jan. 15, 2019
SPP stakeholders approved changes to the RTO’s generator interconnection process to simplify what had become a burdensome process involving repetitive data.
SPP FERC Briefs: FCAs, NPPD Complaint, Refunds
FERC approved SPP’s plan to streamline the process by which it designates frequently constrained areas, and it denied a complaint by NPPD.
SPP’s FCA List Pared to One Area
FERC accepted the recommendations of SPP’s Market Monitoring Unit to eliminate the Woodward frequently constrained area (FCA) in Northwest Oklahoma.
SPP Moves Ahead with ‘Tweaked’ Panhandle Congestion Study
SPP’s on-again, off-again high-priority congestion study of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles region is on once again following approval by the Board.

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