July 20, 2024

frequently mitigated units (FMUs)

MRC/MC Preview
Our summary of the issues scheduled for votes at the PJM MRC and MC on 09/18/14. Each item is listed by agenda number, description and projected time of discussion, followed by a summary of the issue and links to prior coverage.
Split Panel Recommends Lifting $1,000 Offer Cap
A PJM task force has recommended lifting the $1,000 cost-based energy offer cap, but the margin suggests the proposal may have a tough time winning approval.
PJM Plans Section 206 Filing on FMUs
PJM’s Board of Managers will ask FERC to approve a proposal opposed by generators to reduce payments to frequently mitigated units (FMUs).
FMU Proposal Falls Short
Generation owners last week helped kill a joint proposal from PJM and the IMM to reduce payments to frequently mitigated units (FMUs).
PJM-IMM Limits on FMU Adders Prevail
A joint proposal from PJM and the Independent Market Monitor to reduce payments to frequently mitigated units (FMUs) rose from the ashes to best three generator-backed proposals last week.
Members Reject PJM-IMM Plan on FMUs
PJM members approved rule changes to reduce “adder” payments to frequently mitigated generation units (FMUs), after rejecting a joint proposal from the RTO and the Market Monitor.
Increased FMU Costs Lend Urgency to Fix
PJM's payments to frequently mitigated units jumped significantly over the winter, lending urgency to efforts to reduce “adder” payments.
PJM-IMM Plan on FMUs Faces Generator Opposition
PJM and the IMM have reached agreement on a way to reduce the number of Frequently Mitigated Units eligible for “adders” but their proposal faces heavy opposition from generation owners.
MIC Begins Work on Curve-Smoothing, Gen Adders
Stakeholders began work last week on an initiative to create more accurate capacity market price curves and a recommendation by the Market Monitor to eliminate adders for FMUs.
PJM Reconsiders Adders on Cost-Capped Generators
PJM will evaluate whether it’s time to end extra compensation for generators that frequently run on cost-based offers under market power mitigation rules. T...

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