December 10, 2023

generation curtailment

EIA: Renewable Curtailments Rising Steadily in CAISO

CAISO’s curtailment of solar and wind power is on the rise, and about three-quarters of curtailments so far this year have been from transmission congestion.

Regenerate California
Report Criticizes Gas Plant Performance During Calif. Heat Wave
California's gas-fired power plants experienced a surge of curtailments and spiking emissions during last summer's heat wave, according to the report from an in-state environmental coalition.
MISO Renewable Study Shows More Tx, Tech Needed
MISO’s system can operate on 50% renewable generation if the RTO greenlights dramatically more transmission and its members embrace new technologies.
CAISO EIM Exports Rise with Spring, Report Shows
EIM transfers out of CAISO were on the upswing in March, re-establishing a pattern first seen last spring with California’s growing solar surpluses.
Spring Oversupply Lifts CAISO Curtailments
CAISO is curtailing an increasing volume of renewable generation this spring as the ISO sees its “duck curve” already dipping to levels forecast in 2021.

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