December 3, 2023

generator interconnection agreement (GIA)

EDP Renewables
MISO Somewhat Open to COD Allowances in Interconnection Queue Rules
MISO signaled it's somewhat receptive to stakeholder ideas on loosening its commercial operation date deadlines in its generation interconnection queue.
MISO Relaxes Proposal on Stricter Queue Ruleset
MISO has compromised with stakeholders on a few details in its proposal to downsize the number of projects allowed in its generator interconnection queue.
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MISO: Reliability Risk Upped by 49 GW in Approved but Unbuilt Generation
MISO’s quarterly Board Week explored the reasons behind its growing number of generation projects that have the stamp of approval to connect to the system but remain unbuilt.
The Boldt Co.
MISO to Assess Extending Queue’s COD Grace Period
In light of stressed-out supply chains and a bogged-down study process, MISO has agreed to re-evaluate its rules around commercial operation dates in its interconnection queue.
Alliant Energy
MISO Sticks with MW Caps, Higher Fees to Pare Down Queue Requests
MISO says it will file in October to put stronger obligations and more monetary risk on queue entry to weed out speculative generation projects and take pressure off its overcrowded interconnection queue.
DTE Energy
MISO Aims for Manageable Interconnection Queue
MISO proposes megawatt limits on annual project proposals, tripled entry fees and escalating penalty charges in its quest to oust speculative projects and lighten its gridlocked interconnection queue.
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MISO Awaiting Construction on 40 GW of Approved New Resources
MISO membership and executives last week discussed how to hasten the construction of more than 40 GW of generation projects that have permission to connect to the grid but haven’t been built.
NextEra Energy Resources
FERC Accepts SPP’s Unexecuted FSA with Ponderosa
FERC accepted an unexecuted facilities service agreement between SPP, Southwestern Public Service and Ponderosa Wind, finding it to be just and reasonable.
Mortensen Wind Energy Group
FERC Denies Rehearing of Tenaska Curtailment Complaint
FERC denied Tenaska’s rehearing request over alleged curtailment of its Clear Creek Wind Farm, maintaining the company did not provide sufficient evidence.
Recurrent Energy
FERC Rulings Diverge on Commercial Operation Deadlines
FERC granted an Oklahoma solar project an extension of its commercial operation deadline while rejecting an Illinois wind project’s waiver request.

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