June 17, 2024

geothermal power

New California Law to Give State Power to Procure Renewable Energy
In a move expected to boost offshore wind development, the California legislature passed a bill that would give the state authority to buy certain types of clean energy.
NV Energy Issues Solicitation for New Renewables
NV Energy is seeking proposals for renewable energy projects to add to its portfolio, including solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, biomass or biogas.
DOE Wants 60 GW of Dispatchable Geothermal Power on US Grid
DOE wants geothermal energy to provide 60 GW of clean energy to the grid by 2050, and it’s putting up $84 million from the IIJA to develop geothermal systems.
CAISO Sees $30B Need for Transmission Development
CAISO's new 20-year transmission outlook projects a need for $30.5 billion in new lines to carry renewable and stored power across California and the West.
Rob-Summers, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
National Grid Wins Approval for $15.6M Geothermal Demo
Regulators said National Grid’s geothermal demo project could help the state understand the role of gas distribution companies in achieving its climate goals.
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Greening Gas System is an ‘Enormous Task,’ Researcher Says
Upgrading the gas pipeline network could prepare existing infrastructure to carry zero-carbon fuels, but it's an “enormous task,” researcher Erin Blanton said.
Hawaii County Civil Defense
Geothermal Plant Seeks Full Ramp-up After Volcanic Disruption
The operator of Hawaii’s only geothermal plant is working to bring the facility back to full capacity after it was shut down by a volcanic eruption 3 years ago.
Overheard at the NECA Fuels Conference
Acadia Center’s Ben Butterworth says energy efficiency retrofits coupled with building electrification is the central solution to decarbonizing buildings.
Rob-Summers, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
National Grid Lowers Planned Geothermal District Project Costs
Zeyneb Magavi with Home Energy Efficiency Team says the new lower rates for National Grid’s proposed geothermal project are a “big win.”
Report: Geothermal Could Play Expanded Role in Decarbonization
Technological advances and refined regulatory processes could unlock U.S. geothermal capacity and contribute to decarbonization, according to an NREL report.

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