December 10, 2023

geothermal power

DOE Wants 60 GW of Dispatchable Geothermal Power on US Grid
DOE wants geothermal energy to provide 60 GW of clean energy to the grid by 2050, and it’s putting up $84 million from the IIJA to develop geothermal systems.
CAISO Sees $30B Need for Tx Development
CAISO's new 20-year transmission outlook projects a need for $30.5 billion in new lines to carry renewable and stored power across California and the West.
Report: Geothermal Could Play Expanded Role in Decarbonization
Technological advances and refined regulatory processes could unlock U.S. geothermal capacity and contribute to decarbonization, according to an NREL report.
Small Reactors Can Compete on Cost, PNNL Study Finds
Small modular reactors appear to be cost-competitive compared to other energy sources in the Pacific Northwest, according to a joint PNNL-MIT study.
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Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Utilities to Sell Geothermal Energy
A new bill in Massachusetts would create funding mechanisms for gas companies to develop renewable thermal energy alternatives.
California Lithium Extraction Plans Advance
Berkshire Hathaway Energy to break ground on a California demonstration plant to extract lithium from brine pumped from geothermal wells.
Nonprofit Plans River-source Geothermal in Eastern Mass.
The Home Energy Efficiency Team wants to use thermal energy from Massachusetts' Merrimack River to heat homes, an alternative to natural gas.
IEA Paints Daunting Path to Net Zero by 2050
Reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 requires “unprecedented international cooperation," the International Energy Agency says.
NY Pushes Electrification with Heat Pumps
New York state and its utilities are funding a $700 million program to support EE and building electrification, mainly through heat pump technologies.
How Geothermal Can Support 24-7 Carbon-free Targets
Investing in the technology needed to drill for geothermal anywhere could help fulfill a growing corporate interest in 24-7, carbon-free energy.

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