December 1, 2023

greenhouse gas (GHG)

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Stakeholders Approve Bulk of SPP’s Markets+ Tariff
SPP's western stakeholders have endorsed large chunks of tariff language that define how the day-ahead Markets+ will handle market transmission use, congestion management, transmission capacity obligations, market manipulation, and confidentiality.
Arizona Public Service
APS IRP Envisions Increased Renewables, Natural Gas

Arizona Public Service has filed a 15-year resource plan that lays out a strategy for meeting increasing demand and replacing capacity lost from its coal plant exit.

CAISO GHG Working Group Seeks Clarity on Problems, Definitions
A meeting of CAISO’s Greenhouse Gas Coordination Working Group illustrated the complexity Western stakeholders confront in addressing greenhouse gasses in the region’s expanding electricity markets.
Stakeholder Soapbox: Beware of Government-driven Climate Policy
Can climate policy dominated by interest-group politics be in the public good?  What we have seen up to now says no, says regulatory economist Kenneth Costello.  
Federal Budgets, Procurements to Include Social Cost of GHGs

President Joe Biden has directed all federal agencies to incorporate the social cost of greenhouse gases into a range of key processes.

Our World in Data
Counterflow: World of Hurt
Columnist Steve Huntoon examines the unintended consequence of reducing aerosol pollution: the acceleration of climate change.
Office of Gov. Gavin Newsom
Calif. Enters Climate Agreement with China’s Hainan Province
Gov. Gavin Newsom said California will team up with the Chinese province in the state’s latest international partnership focused on the climate crisis.
Maryland Climate Report Lays out Pathways to Achieving Goals
A report lays out a long list of actions Maryland could take to reach the GHG-reduction and clean energy targets set out in its climate law.
Gov. Joe Lombardo
Nevada Exits US Climate Alliance
Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo withdrew the state from the U.S. Climate Alliance, citing a conflict between their goals and his regarding Nevada's energy portfolio.
NYISO to Comment on State’s Cap-and-invest Plan
NYISO will comment on New York's emissions-reduction and reporting policy, the cap-and-invest program.

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