May 23, 2024

greenhouse gas (GHG)

Basin Electric
SPP Shares Concerns over EPA’s GHG Rule
SPP told members the EPA’s final rule curbing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants could hamper the nation’s ability to provide reliable service during the “swift” transition from fossil fuels to renewables.
Republican-led States Sue EPA over Power Plant Emissions Rule
Republican state attorneys general sued EPA seeking to stop implementation of the agency’s final rule aimed at slashing greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal plants and new natural gas plants. 
EPA Finalizes Methane Reporting Rule for Oil and Gas Industry
EPA issued a final rule meant to strengthen, expand and update methane emissions reporting requirements for oil and natural gas systems, as required by the Inflation Reduction Act.
EPA: US GHG Emissions Rose 1.3% in 2022
The topline figures from EPA’s new inventory of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to 2022 show the country’s slow and uneven progress toward President Joe Biden’s goal of cutting emissions by 50 to 52% below 2005 levels by 2030.
Volvo Trucks
EPA Issues Final Standards on Heavy-duty Truck Emissions
An estimated 72 million Americans, often people of color or with low incomes, live near truck routes that expose them to pollution resulting in higher rates of respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses and premature death.
Automakers Get More Time, Flexibility in EPA’s Final Vehicle GHG Rule
EPA's final rule on light-duty vehicle emissions aims to give the industry more time and flexibility on how to reach its ambitious targets.
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Tangled Challenges of Building Decarbonization Examined at IPPNY Conference
Building decarbonization is at once critical for the environment, expensive for building owners and potentially taxing for the power grid.
CAISO, Stakeholders Consider 2 GHG Mechanisms for EDAM

CAISO stakeholders and staff could soon be weighing two options for enabling the EDAM to track GHGs in a way that accommodates the patchwork of different carbon reduction programs across Western states.

Crude Oil, Natural Gas Emissions Regs to be Published

New EPA standards intended to reduce air emissions from the crude oil and natural gas industries are scheduled to be published this week.

Port of Los Angeles
EPA Tackles Port Pollution With $3B in IRA Funds
Clean Ports aims to balance the vital role ports play in the economy with the air pollution produced by the diesel-powered trucks, trains and other equipment at these facilities.

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