April 21, 2024

Grid Evolution Summit

Hawaii’s PBR Efforts Get Conference Spotlight
Hawaii’s move to performance-based regulation is still “a work in progress,” state Public Utilities Commission Chair James Griffin said last week.
Smart Electric Power Alliance
SEPA Highlights Lessons from Microgrid Feasibility Study at Housing Project
All microgrids may be different, but the development process can be standardized, said participants in a feasibility study funded by Maryland officials.
SRP Details Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to Accelerate Carbon Reduction
SRP's Marc Campell discussed how the Arizona utility identified stakeholders to help it electrify transportation during SEPA's Grid Evolution Summit.
Fleet Electrification Will Require Smart Grid Technologies
The electrification of trucking fleets will require utilities to adopt smart grid technologies and design new rates, panelists said during a SEPA panel.

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