April 21, 2024

Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships (GRIP) Program

DOE Report, Funding Seek to Break down Barriers to Grid Innovation

Utilities are rolling out new GETs projects, DOE officials said, but “there are more than 3,000 utilities in the United States, and a few excellent projects won’t get us where we need to be.”

DOE Announces $3.46B for Grid Resilience, Improvement Projects
DOE announced $3.46 billion in funding for grid resilience and improvement projects, including the MISO-SPP joint targeted interconnection queue portfolio.
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MISO Releases JTIQ Portfolio Cost-allocation Details
MISO released details about how it will administer cost allocation on the $1 billion Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue portfolio of 345 kV projects.
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Overheard at the 2023 NECA Renewable Energy Conference
Maria Robinson, director of DOE’s Grid Deployment Office, gave an update on the work her team has been doing to allocate a great deal of funding from the IIJA.
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DOE Clears JTIQ Projects to Proceed with Funding App
MISO and SPP said DOE has signaled that grid operators and their state commissions can move forward with a full application for funding from the GRIP program.
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Clements: States Should not Wait on FERC for Transmission Planning
Stakeholders at NASEO's Winter Policy Summit debated whether energy offices should act as hubs for bringing stakeholders together and fostering collaboration.
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MISO, SPP Update Stakeholders on Joint Tx Planning
MISO and SPP said they plan to treat Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue projects as large generator interconnection projects when allocating costs.
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SPP MOPC Briefs: Jan. 17-18, 2023
SPP and MISO plan to apply for grants from the Department of Energy to help fund five transmission projects recently identified in their JTIQ work.

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