June 17, 2024


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Overheard at GridWise Alliance’s gridCONNEXT 2023
Panelists at the GridWise Alliance's gridCONNEXT conference discussed how to reliably and affordably enable the energy transition with smart meters, distributed energy resources and other investments at the grid's edge.
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GridCONNEXT Digs into Grid-Telecom Convergence
The convergence of the electric grid and telecommunications system is inevitable, critical and underway, says Commonwealth Edison CEO Gil Quiniones.
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Overheard at gridCONNEXT 2021
Attendees of GridWise Alliance’s gridCONNEXT were upbeat as they heard about a high-tech future in which everything is electrified, digitized and clean.
Industry Eager for New Leadership on Tx, Climate
Panelists at gridCONNEXT's annual conference expressed hope that the incoming Biden administration will be able to advance renewables.
Overheard at gridCONNEXT 2019
A sense of urgency permeated much of the discussions at this year's gridCONNEXT, as speakers said the world is way behind on its decarbonization goals.
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Overheard at gridCONNEXT 2018
Panelists at the GridWise Alliance 2018 gridCONNEXT conference discussed the prospects of climate-related legislation in Congress and electric vehicles.
GridWise Alliance
Calif., Ill. Top Grid Modernization Index
California and Illinois won the top spots on the GridWise Alliance Grid Modernization Index, the group announced at the gridConnext 2018 conference.
Investors Slam Congress; Say Economics will Trump Policy
Speakers at the GridWise Alliance’s GridCONNEXT conference gave Congress low marks for subsidizing fossil fuels, but said they are bullish on the future.
Energy Storage Well Past the ‘Tipping Point,’ Panel Says
Speakers at the GridWise Alliance’s GridCONNEXT conference left no doubt: Energy storage is long past the “tipping point.”
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Overheard at GridCONNEXT Conference
Almost 190 investors, utility officials, technology company executives and others gathered for the GridWise Alliance’s two-day GridCONNEXT conference.

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