December 2, 2023

Gulf Coast Power Association (GCPA)

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Overheard at GCPA’s Annual Fall Conference
The Gulf Coast Power Association welcome a record audience to its annual Fall Conference and discussions and vignettes on virtual power plants, energy efficiency, demand response, new technologies and grid resiliency.
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ERCOT Searching for 3 GW of Winter Capacity
ERCOT surprised market participants with an announcement that it plans to increase operating reserves by requesting an additional 3,000 MW of capacity to shore up the grid for the upcoming winter.
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MISO Defends Fleet Predictions over Monitor’s Skepticism
Doubts continue to swirl around which version of MISO’s future fleet mix is appropriate for long-range transmission planning — the Independent Market Monitor’s or the RTO’s itself.
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Overheard at the GCPA Spring Conference
The Gulf Coast Power Association’s annual spring conference revolved around how Texas and its coastal region can become a hotspot for energy innovation.
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GCPA Names Brad Jones as Power Star Honoree
The GCPA awarded former interim ERCOT CEO Brad Jones with its Pat Wood Power Star for his industry contributions.
Cleco CCS Project Looks to Beat Carbon Mandates
Cleco’s Diamond Vault carbon sequestration project is in the thick of an engineering study that will determine the project’s design and construction.
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GCPA Speakers Embrace MISO Sloped Demand Curve
The likelihood of a sloped demand curve in MISO’s capacity market earned seals of approval from panelists at GCPA’s 9th Annual MISO/SPP Regional Conference.
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Overheard at the 9th GCPA MISO-SPP Conference
Panelists at the GCPA conference linked long queue waits, major transmission expansion, reliability worries and the inexorable takeover of renewable energy.
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Overheard at GCPA’s 37th Fall Conference
The GCPA's annual fall conference treated attendees to panel discussions, an oral history of ERCOT, and a reenactment of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
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Overheard at GCPA’s 2022 Spring Conference
The Gulf Coast Power Association drew more than 400 attendees to its first in-person Spring Conference, and 35th overall, since 2019.

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