December 8, 2023

heat wave

NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: Oct. 11, 2023
NYISO gave summer and monthly operation updates during the OC meeting, and stakeholders recommended the approval of the draft annual Comprehensive Reliability Plan.
DTE Energy
MISO Calls 1st Summertime Emergency amid Systemwide Heat Wave
MISO instated maximum generation procedures Thursday to manage a pervasive heat wave blanketing its footprint.
PJM OC Briefs: Aug. 10, 2023
PJM discussed the response to the July heatwaves and proposed changes to manual language around how synchronized reserves are deployed during the Operating Committee meeting.
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‘Uncertainty’ Prompts CAISO to Declare Another EEA Watch

CAISO declared an EEA watch for a second straight day, citing “uncertainty” about energy supply and load forecasts, transmission constraints and high electricity demand in the Western U.S.

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ERCOT Demand Exceeds 82 GW for 1st Time
Temperatures in Austin topped out at 105 degrees Fahrenheit, helping ERCOT to again set a record for hourly peak demand when load averaged 82.03 GW.
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Under the Dome: ERCOT Sets Peak Demand Marks
ERCOT is setting records for peak demand in what has been described as "hellacious" temperatures, "even by Texas standards."
Regenerate California
Report Criticizes Gas Plant Performance During Calif. Heat Wave
California's gas-fired power plants experienced a surge of curtailments and spiking emissions during last summer's heat wave, according to the report from an in-state environmental coalition.
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Conservation Helps ERCOT Meet High Demand
ERCOT officials issued their first voluntary conservation call of the year Tuesday as demand peaked within less than 1 GW of the RTO's peak-demand record during an oppressive heat wave.
WECC Report Reviews State of the Western Interconnection
Among the topics covered by WECC’s State of the Interconnection report, one subject stands out: the impact of extreme natural events on the Western grid.
NERC Warns of Ongoing Extreme Weather Risks
The coming decade will see “extraordinary reliability challenges and opportunities” amid rapid changes in the North American electric grid, NERC staff said.

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