May 23, 2024

hot weather alert

AEP Ohio
PJM Orders Load Sheds in AEP Following Storms
More than 200,000 AEP customers in Ohio lost power after storms damaged multiple transmission lines and forced load sheds on at least three 138-kV lines.
MISO Enacts Rolling Blackouts in Laura Aftermath
Hurricane Laura’s lashing of south Louisiana and southeast Texas led MISO to implement last-resort rolling power outages.
MISO Informational Forum Briefs: Oct. 22, 2019
MISO staff briefed stakeholders on the RTO rearranging its Integrated Roadmap schedule and the markets' performance in an unusually warm September.
PJM, Stakeholders Baffled by DR Event
An unprecedented spell of hot weather across PJM left stakeholders questioning whether the RTO’s operational decisions produced unusual price signals.
Report: PJM’s Summer Operations ‘Uneventful’
PJM’s grid coasted through an “uneventful” summer highlighted by a new record for weekend peak load and the lowest forced outrage rate in five years.
PJM OC Briefs: Sept. 10, 2019
Exelon told the PJM Operating Committee it is near agreement with RTO staff on business rules for non-retail behind-the-meter generation.
MISO Informational Forum Briefs: July 24, 2018
MISO issued two maximum generation alerts and conservative operations declarations because of severe weather in June and a heatwave in July.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs
PJM told the Operating Committee that generators will maximize their revenues and avoid penalties during performance assessment hours by just doing what they’re told.
PJM Reserve Proposal OK’d Despite Misgivings
Acknowledging they were taking “a leap of faith,” stakeholders last week endorsed PJM’s plan for cutting uplift and capturing reserve costs in energy prices.
Members Split Over Change in Reserve Procedures
Stakeholders split last week over a PJM proposal to change how the RTO captures the cost of deploying additional reserves during extreme weather.

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