July 16, 2024

House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy

Parties Split on Biden Administration Deal on Snake River Dams
House Republicans lambasted a deal that the Biden administration struck between Oregon, Washington and four tribes on four dams along the Snake River.
House Energy and Commerce Committee
Efficiency and Reliability are Debated at House Energy Hearing
A House hearing looking into Republican bills aimed at curbing DOE's efficiency regulations  displayed the partisan split on reliability and energy efficiency.
House Energy and Commerce Committee
House Energy and Commerce Examines Moore County Attack
Members of Congress went to North Carolina to hold a field hearing on the substation attacks in early December that knocked out power to 45,000 customers.
House E&C Committee
GOP to Granholm: ‘You’re Anti-Fossil Fuels, Aren’t You?’
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the United States will boost its liquified natural gas exports to 15 billion cubic feet per day by the end of the year.
House Energy and Commerce Committee
Glick Touts Gas Pipeline Reliability Organization Before Congress
FERC Chair Richard Glick lobbied for an ERO-like entity to set mandatory standards for gas pipelines before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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