December 10, 2023

Hurricane Ian

PCHS-NJROTC, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FPL Lauds Restoration Work After Ian, Nicole
Unstable ground after Ian “really created some challenging conditions” for utlity crews assisting in recovery efforts during a late-running hurricane season.
FPL Credits Grid Hardening for Fast Ian Restoration
After disastrous hurricane seasons, FPL instituted its “Storm Secure” program in 2006; resulting improvements paid off when Hurricane Ian made landfall.
Babcock Ranch
Counterflow: More Happy Talk
There's a fantasy that net zero is feasible and affordable — because it must be.
Entergy Learning from Florida to Improve Resilience
Entergy says it has borrowed from Florida in ensuring its $15 billion, 10-year accelerated resilience plan will upgrade its system against future storm damage.
Electric cat, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Suitors Line up for AEP’s Unregulated Renewable Assets
Wall Street has reacted to earnings releases from AEP, NextEra Energy and Xcel Energy by increasing their share prices in the following days.
U.S. Energy Association
ESSC To-do List: Labor Shortage, Forest Management, Transformers
The Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council is discussing how the industry can deploy newfound federal funding to accelerate the energy transition.

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