June 20, 2024


Massachusetts Clean Heat Standard Reignites Debate over Biogas
Arguments over alternative fuels are a main point of contention in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s development of a clean heat standard.
Constellation Energy Corp
Hydrogen Getting Resource-specific Rules in NYISO Markets
NYISO initiated steps toward integrating hydrogen into its market, aiming for technology-agnostic rules to foster clean energy innovation.
Grid Strategies
Grid Planners Predict Sharp Increase in Load Growth
After years of low load growth, U.S. grid planners now predict a sharp increase in electric demand, according to a report by consulting firm Grid Strategies.
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Northeast Stakeholders Discuss The Future of Alternative Fuels
The uncertain future of the region’s gas network loomed large over the course of the conference.
NY Policy Council Holds Inaugural Meeting to Discuss CGPP
New York’s Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council met to discuss the Joint Utilities' Coordinated Grid Planning Process and review its current modeling assumptions with stakeholders.
Report: Fuel Cells Key to NJ’s Clean Energy Future
A New Jersey report focuses on the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles as an alternative to battery-powered EVs for long haul heavy-duty trucks, buses and other industrial vehicles.
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Hydrogen Tax Credit Design is Key to Decarbonization
The Treasury Department is working to implement the 45v tax credit, which is the largest incentive passed under the Inflation Reduction Act and is meant to incentivize clean hydrogen production.
DOE Releases National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap
Got hydrogen? DOE has issued "a comprehensive framework for accelerating the production, processing, delivery, storage and use of clean hydrogen."
Plug Power
Fuel Cell, Electrolyzer Maker Plug Power Reports Q1 Loss
Plug Power posted a first-quarter loss of $206.6 million but still has cash on hand for ambitious expansion of hydrogen-related projects.
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Weaning NY off Natural Gas More Easily Mandated than Accomplished
Natural gas is in the crosshairs of New York’s decarbonization drive, but it will likely remain indispensable to the state’s energy portfolio for many years.

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