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PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Feb. 10, 2022
PJM provided an update at last week’s Operating Committee meeting on the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act and its impact on the RTO.
GridWise Alliance
Calif., Ill. Top Grid Modernization Index
California and Illinois won the top spots on the GridWise Alliance Grid Modernization Index, the group announced at the gridConnext 2018 conference.
Illinois: PJM Market Design Enriching Exelon
PJM’s market design and Exelon’s control of local generation allow the company to name its price for capacity commitments in the Chicago area.
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Illinois: End PJM Capacity Market?
The Illinois Commerce Commission suggested PJM consider ending its capacity market if it continues supporting policies that discount its preferences.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
7th Circuit Upholds Ill. ZEC Program
Illinois’ nuclear generation subsidies do not interfere with FERC-regulated wholesale power markets, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Analyst: FERC Asserts Role in Handling Nuke Subsidies
FERC and the U.S. Department of Justice told the 7th Circuit that Illinois' zero-emission credits (ZECs) program is not pre-empted by the Federal Power Act.
Environmental Group Sees More Ill. Renewables, Bailout Bids
Illinois is advancing toward an increasingly cleaner energy and will use increasing amounts of renewable power, according to the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC).
Experts Predict EV Adoption, Charge Management in Illinois
Electric vehicle (EV) experts descended on the Illinois Commerce Commission to discuss the eventual adoption of EVs in the state.
Exelon Confident in Nuclear Support Programs
Exelon executives expressed confidence during a fourth-quarter earnings call that other states will adopt zero-emission credit (ZEC) programs this year.
Illinois 12th District
Environmentalists Push Back on Dynegy-backed Air Standard
Environmental groups have moved to halt an attempted roll-back of Illinois’ emissions standards, which would weaken pollution limits for Dynegy’s coal-fired generation fleet in the state.

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