December 3, 2023

Incremental Auction

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PJM MIC Briefs: April. 12, 2023
The PJM Market Implementation Committee overwhelmingly voted to endorse manual revisions to put limits on when generators can submit real-time values.
PJM Seeks to Delay Capacity Auctions Through 2028 Delivery Year
PJM asked FERC to delay its capacity auctions to give the RTO time to incorporate rule changes to address reliability concerns.
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PJM Presents Alternative Capacity Auction Schedule
PJM presented a draft proposal to delay the next four Base Residual Auctions to the Members Committee during a special meeting.
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PJM MRC Briefs: Nov. 16, 2022
The PJM Markets and Reliability Committee endorsed an RTO-sponsored package to standardize variable operations and maintenance costs.
PJM Sets BRA for May 2021
PJM will hold the 2022/23 Base Residual Auction in May after being delayed since 2019 over FERC’s expansion of the minimum offer price rule.
FERC OKs Revised Forecast for PJM Incremental Auction
FERC granted PJM permission to use a lower peak load forecast for its second Incremental Auction in July, reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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PJM Markets and Reliability Committee Briefs: May 24, 2018
PJM and the Monitor presented members with separate proposals to revise the long-term financial transmission rights market.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Jan. 25, 2018
Stakeholders at the Markets and Reliability Committee meeting declined to endorse any proposals to revise PJM’s capacity model.
PJM Markets and Reliability Committee Briefs: Dec. 21, 2017
PJM’s initiative to internalize all generator payments moved forward at the MRC when stakeholders endorsed the RTO’s proposal to examine price formation.
PJM Markets and Reliability Committee Preview: Dec. 21, 2017
A summary of the issues scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability Committee on Dec. 21, 2017.

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