July 13, 2024

Indian Point Nuclear plant

New York Residents Question Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Safety
Concerned residents complained to NY officials that they lack representation on the board overseeing the Indian Point nuclear plant decommissioning.
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Van Welie Calls on FERC to Coordinate NE Winter Reliability Conversations
Multiple cold weather close calls in January highlighted what ISO-NE says are vulnerabilities in the region's grid.
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NYISO Q2 Energy Prices Rise on Higher Gas Prices, Load
The NYISO Market Monitor reported energy markets performed competitively in the second quarter of 2021, with all-in prices ranging from $21 to $67/MWh.
Entergy Takes Q2 Loss with Indian Point Sale
Entergy took a $340 million hit to its earnings during the second quarter when it closed its sale of Indian Point Energy Center to Holtec International.
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FERC Denies Citizen’s Complaint over Indian Point Closure
Another complaint aimed at stopping the shutdown of a nuclear power plant on reliability grounds met its end at FERC's monthly open meeting.
Natural Gas Use Expected to Rise in NY
New York will see an increase in new natural gas plants and hours of operation of existing plants after the Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center closes.
NY Public Speaks on Clean Energy Jobs, Costs, Urgency
New York citizens feel officials should focus their greening efforts on employment, particularly in creating new clean energy jobs.
FERC Orders Deadline on NYISO Market Power Reviews
NYISO must set a deadline for completing final market power reviews on retiring generators, FERC ruled.
NYISO Seeks FERC Denial on Indian Point Review Deadline
NYISO asked FERC to deny the Entergy request that the commission clarify the deadline for Indian Point's market power review.
Entergy Asks FERC to Clarify Indian Point Retirement Process
Entergy asked FERC to clarify the deadline for NYISO to complete a final market power review for the deactivation of the Indian Point nuclear plant.

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