July 23, 2024

industrial control system (ICS)

Dragos: Cyber Landscape Remained Volatile in 2022
The 2022 cyber threat landscape included new malware targeting the electric industry with “breakthrough escalation in capabilities,” a new report says.
Dragos Pushes Communication Skills for Cyber Professionals
Representatives from cybersecurity firm Dragos said that communicating the importance of OT security investments to company boards is a major challenge.
Dragos Warns Malware Developers Building Skills Fast
Cybersecurity researchers say a new malware tool shows how quickly the threat community has developed since the relatively crude attacks of just six years ago.
E-ISAC Warns of Escalating Russian Cyber Threats
The emergence of new malware directed at electric utilities illustrates that Russia's war with Ukraine may be in a dangerous new phase, experts warned.
U.S. Department of State
DOJ Reveals Indictments Against Russian Energy Hackers
The U.S. Department of Justice unveiled charges against four Russian state-sponsored hackers for compromising energy companies in the U.S. and abroad.
Dragos: Electric Industry Cyber Preparations ‘Very Successful’
Cybersecurity firm Dragos spoke positively on the electric industry's cyber protection measures in 2021, but said the threat landscape remains active.
Dragos: Global Grid Cyber Risk ‘High and Increasing’
Cybersecurity firm Dragos released a new report detailing the global cyber threat landscape, including several recently discovered threat groups.
The White House
Biden Launches ICS Cybersecurity Initiative
President Biden announced a cybersecurity initiative for U.S. critical infrastructure, building on one launched in April for the electric sector.
E-ISAC Aims to Bolster Industry Threat Intel Efforts
Both the E-ISAC and cybersecurity firm Dragos see their recently announced collaboration as just a stepping stone to future cyber intelligence partnerships.
Pierre75000, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
E-ISAC Joins Dragos for Data Sharing Initiative
Cybersecurity firm Dragos has partnered with NERC's E-ISAC for an initiative to spread up-to-date cyber threat intelligence across the electric grid.

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