May 18, 2024

installed capacity market (ICAP)

FERC Accepts NYISO’s 17-Year Amortization Period Proposal
FERC approved NYISO’s proposed 17-year amortization period when calculating the annual costs for hypothetical fossil fuel peaker plants.
Brattle Group
Mass. AG Weighs in on Capacity Accreditation with Brattle Report
A Brattle Group report weighed in with recommendations for capacity accreditation as ISO-NE and NEPOOL revamp how they value energy resources' contributions.
Industrial Power Services
FERC Fines Dynegy $569K for Misleading Ramp Rates in PJM
FERC approved an agreement between Dynegy and its Office of Enforcement to settle allegations that the company misrepresented its plants' ramp rates to PJM.
NYISO Details Comprehensive Mitigation Review, Related Impacts
Stakeholders last week discussed NYISO’s comprehensive mitigation review and presentations on related consumer and market impacts.
174 Power Global
NYISO Proposes Sweeping BSM Exemptions
NYISO proposed to exempt most new ICAP suppliers from buyer-side market power mitigation evaluation if they use solar, wind, storage or demand response.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: May 10, 2021
NYISO's BIC approved manual revisions to accommodate a change to the maximum clearing price calculation for ICAP demand curves.
FERC Approves NY Demand Curve Reset, Rejects 17-Year Amortization
FERC approved an update of NYISO's capacity market demand curves but the commission rejected the proposed 17-year amortization period.
Blowin’ in the Wind: SPP Sets New Renewable Marks
Having recovered from February’s severe weather, SPP’s market operations are back to normal, with wind and other renewable resources again setting records.
PJM Monitor Sounds Market Power Alarms
PJM’s Monitor sounded alarms about market power in the energy and capacity markets and said it may intervene in the RTO’s next capacity auction.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Feb. 10, 2021
The NYISO Business Issues Committee approved revisions to its Installed Capacity and Transmission and Dispatch Operations Manuals.

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